Monday, February 03, 2014

FET-READ is alive

Since last year (2012) I use fet (wonderful program) for timetable of the school I work (Gymnasio Prosotsanis in Greece). It was a little difficult to place activities in fixed days/hours using fet program, so the FET-READ is born.

Yesterday I published FET-READ version 2.0


  1. Read the «data_and_timetable.fet» (complete solution
  2. Read «data.fet» and «activities.xml» (incomplete solution
  3. Right click on cells allows to put/remove activities (if possible), lock/unlock activities, clear day or days 
  4. Ctrl-Click on cells set/unset teacher available days
  5. Save the new fet file (old name plus date, so the original file is retained
  6. Export to excel file (not very fancy since I have not a good freeware export library)